December 15th, 2017
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You logo and advertising material tells the story about your business, so while it may seem like a simple and easy part of your business a mistake can be very costly. Hundreds of companies in each industry are paying huge dollars to advertise all over the place but sometimes leave their design to the advertisers themselves. These advertisers often are not familiar with your company or the message that you want to convey. Captain Clever’s team understands that beauty is in the eye of the beholder and so we don’t try and force our clients into a design or activity that they don’t feel comfortable with. We try to give our professional advice and give examples of good design and the positive impact it can have on your marketing efforts. Good design and attractive, well thought-out presentation can make all the difference as you try to stand out from the crowd of others. With all of this being said, good design is only a small piece of marketing, getting that piece in front of your potential customer is the most important part of a successful marketing campaign. Make sure that the quality of you designs equally match the quality of your business or products.


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